GOLF is a Parisian band made up of Antoine (vocals), Romain (guitar) and Samuel (keyboards/programming).

The three met by chance in 2009, one night along the banks of the Seine.

Strangely attracted by their very different approaches to music, they soon recorded their first demo in a tiny attic room converted into a home studio and published it on the web. Next thing you know, they were playing intimate concerts in the working-class bars of Paris, honing their particular vision of pop music together.

Little by little, the idea of recording an album started to form, and they decided to ask Benjamin Lebeau (The Shoes) to produce it. Known for his remix work and production (for Woodkid, Gaëtan Roussel, Sage...), Benjamin gave GOLF a whole new dimension. The tracks were then entrusted to Philippe Weiss (Madonna, Yelle, Benjamin Diamond, Selah Sue...) for mixing. Philippe added an analogue / vintage sound to them, reminiscent of 70s rock bands, while GOLF also commissioned remixes from Jamaica, Little Dragon and others.

GOLF is the password for a forgotten, directionless generation left to fend for itself with no guidelines, a generation for whom everything remains to be achieved.

The upcoming album "The Best Days of our Lives" recounts both the failures of the past and promise of the future, an album that harks back to the group’s teenage years and their multitude of influences back then (from Pink Floyd to Aphex Twin, Joy Division, Daft Punk and Queen).

First video available 15th December.

First e.p. "All in all", released 01/19/15.

Included remixes from Tepr, Anoraak & Plaisirs.


Press :
Nina Jousset / [email protected]

Label/MGMT :
Ambre Boccara / [email protected]

Beaucoup Music
First EP "All in all" out on January 19th
Included remixes from Tepr, Anoraak, Plaisirs & Golf